In search of Total Quality Management, of standardizing, efficiency and environment preservation, the world industry is surrounding itself in innumerous standard procedures, certifications and norms, of worldwide comprehension or local and specific boundaries.

ISO-9000, ISO-14000, TS-16.949, ASTM, NACE, IPC, MIL SPEC, MAS, NEMA, ASME, PPAP, ANVISA, RoHS among many other abbreviations are common in companies’ routines nowadays, requiring full understanding of involved parts, as to ensure stable processes and avoid time loss with nonconformities.

HTMG has a quality area, responsible to coordinate needs, expectative and capacitation of associated customers and suppliers, aiding in development and qualification, as well as overseeing the supplying, always in accordance with norms and standards requested or agreed between parts.

Through our juridical advisor and along with many well succeeded past experiences, HTMG and the involved parts in potential agreements and transactions, keep precise and consistent legal international contracts.

Long term Agreements (LTAs), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Purchasing and Selling Contracts, Licenses and Associations are some  of the countless examples.

Each product manufacturing and each market sector require specific administrative approaches with logistics and supply chain processes, to attend the sector’s specificities, response time made available by the suppliers, and requested by the final customers, transit time and Custom Clearance, managing preferences among many other variables issues.

Recognizing such specific needs HTMG also offers local distribution of high performance materials and components from it’s associated suppliers, having local reselling of multiple items, or though safety storage contract for special or exclusive items.

Two thirds of all international transactions are between great transnational companies. Executives and employees of those corporations seek for safety and quality in transactions and products, opting for larger companies that offer local services, with good understanding of customer’s specificities, in conformity with receiver’s country’s legal and tributary demands, as well as the standards and technical norms of each industry. HTMG has as objective to answer integrally those expectations, making available all its suppliers' information and capacities to our local customers.

Even in the modern world, in which information is everywhere, in most diversfied sources and forms, leaders and managers are keen to find clear definitions in influential factors as acting niche’s trends and dynamics, assuring safe directions on the sector’s advances, being the company large or small, due to hard interdepartmental flow of information or direct market access, or due to limited financial and structural resources respectively.

HTMG customers and associates can rely on a highly market connected partner, benefiting of the innumerous suppliers, products and final users synergies, going through multiple operations stages and industry characters.

No matter what management model, administrative or financial priority adopted by local customers, HTMG has efficient and creative solutions to maximize goal results. Foreseeing new trends and advantages in relational approach proposed by TPS – “Lean Production”, local companies can count with our solutions for introduce its integration strategies, reducing the number of suppliers to a single or dual sourcing, quality directed buying (TQM) and Pull System.

Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

HTMG by pre-defined shipments from the supplier to the customer or by local stock for “Just-in-Time” delivery, take care of all logistics procedures, custom clearance, anticipated tribute payment, making the goods available at the customer’s factory, in concordance to its production needs and exchanged in local currency. This system offers the maximum process simplicity and best delivery response time between 4 and 8 hours, eliminating production delays, transit or customs processes.

Delivered At Place (DAP) – Costoms Storages (EADI)

Regulated stocks in customs storages (EADI) availability near the customers allowing theirs imports in partial lots, reducing inventory costs, doing it only for the manufactured goods. This system offers the best cost composition for higher aggregated value demands, with logistics processes optimization and of customs clearance, inventory and financial cost reduction with delivery time response between 48 and 72 hours.

International Supplier direct delivery (EXW, FOB or CFR)

Having origin in stocks abroad, agreeing supplying contracts and delivery programming.

The ever changing rules of international commerce in development countries many times make more complex the process of importation and exportation, added to this there are aspects such as credit approval, minimum order quantities, company’s internal administrative barriers, technical norms, environmental legislations among others…

HTMG is apt to attend local customers making available:

  • Raw materials and components locally;
  • Making international trading operations;
  • Helping customers export its final goods, taking benefits from special conditions abroad;
  • Identifying and promoting local fiscal incentives as “draw-back”, temporary export, benefaction;
  • As well as industrial residue recovery, scrap and others

HTMG offers integrated services and complete answers, showcasing competence integration that help to solve any traditional challenge or unthinkable event through its network to your company’s needs. Being for the lack of systems or structure flexibility in large companies, or the grounding or limited resources in small or in formation companies, worldwide organizations are seeking specialized services providers, that can bring other competences integration helping to solve any issue that might present itself.

Integrated to international trading companies, traditional lawyer offices, insurance companies, customs expediters, currency brokers, trustable accounting offices, independent distributors, tax specialist, bonded or public warehouses, HTMG has the full service chain to attend to the most challenging and diverse demands.

In a high performance industry, the ever growing complexity with several variables and technological options, alternative suppliers and components, potential users, permanent changes and diversity in roles inside the supplying chain, with many influential and decision makers in the process, make a lot of times unknown, invisible or inaccessible the best

technical solutions already available in the market.

It is fit to HTMG to promote the needed two-way dialogue, offering solutions users and providers access to objective intel that brings the better selection. In this context that the Industrial Marketing offer relevant contribution, being through qualified professional contact, technical interchanging event promotion, or electronic mechanisms such as:

  • Powerful database having all main technical contacts from the many companies in the HTMG’s network in Aerospace,

Automotive, Automation, Energy, Medical, Military and Security Equipment, Telecom and O&G Markets;

  • PCTS (Promotional Communication Towards Suppliers), potential suppliers are advised of new developments or product

evolving in determined markets, inviting then to be part of new technological solutions, meetings, workshops, seminars, fairs), simultaneous engineering project involvement and prompt help to local developments;

  • GETB (HTMG Technical Review) technical interactive intel to a specific interest addressed to engineers and specialists of

correlates markets, allowing connectivity and ample access to the vast complementary database about the proposed themes.

Even with the great progress in electronic communications, of the linguistics capacitation and of the globalization process by itself, the human knowledge and the personal relationship continue to represent a key role in the success of any business. The simple email exchange, the teleconferences or even in person meetings, many times are not efficient enough when there is no exact notion of the power relations inside the organizations, of the cultural differences, of the understanding of personalities, of values, individual priorities and of the business ways, besides the direct and indirect personal relationships.

We have local and frequent connection with the product’s final customers, in the target markets, as HTMG also have the clear understanding of the communication flow in its associated suppliers, as so in their factory units, product lines, capacities, limitations, complementarities and synergies with the overall group participants, allowing to reach the best results with the involved parts.

There are some essential elements that if well researched and analyzed could promote smart actions for companies' success. Among those: the right comprehension of  customers’ business range, the promotion and prompt response to the specific corporation needs, a deep knowledge of the multiple variables related to the market that the company operates, including, but not limited to identifying the market players, the potential and active competitive forces, the surveying of the expanded supply chain and the established rules between parts, the typical relationship management models between customers and suppliers (CRM & SRM), as well as the critical success factors for that segment.

HTMG has been frequently recognized for local and abroad companies, for its experience and market connections through services hiring, data assessment and target markets analyzes, supporting its companies strategically decisions

As a result of a constantly updated “Technological Road Maps”, scenario analyzes and technological trends on each of the market segments we support, HTMG constantly researches which new components and raw materials of products in development that will be produced on the next few years. This forecast is crucial to define investments and associations with other global companies that are reference on technological and more qualified on their business.

Global-Search is HTMG’s exclusive search mechanism for suppliers and products. Connected to the various associates and subsidiaries manufacturers all around the globe, this tool is beyond the permanent internal company’s  needs,  it also helps  our customers from various locations, identifying the best future partners, for new developments, or improvement of costs and components of ongoing ones.

The standardize of English as the international language of communication among all the Internacional transactions, the cultural aspects of different nationalities and the different companies’ business management represent relevant challenges on communication skills, administration and success on transactions and operations between transnational companies. That’s the reason why HTMG has been investing in capacitation and constant professional training. Qualifying the employees not only to their working activities, but to understand the customer specific needs. Recognizing and living with the features of the various cultures we work and respecting the management priorities of each involved company.

HTMG uses a scientific approach to aligning cultural and business communication through the correct understanding of the occasions, maximizing commercial and technical results, avoiding miscommunication in relationship and occurrences of quality issues.

  • Reduction of the development time and availability on the market (time to market)
  • Projects simplification
  • Suggestions for alternative materials and components or substitution of those;
  • Design to Cost & Target Costing Methodology;
  • Diagnosis and opinion for project related enhancement;
  • Ideas for enhance production efficiency.

Those are some of the main  reasons why companies all around the world counts with active participation of our key suppliers in product’s concept or enhancement, known as ‘Early Supplier Involvement’, with co-design, co-development, sequential development, simultaneous engineering and co-making strategies, to obtain development improvement, cost reduction, productivity increase and prompt responses to market.

With deep knowledge and practice, HTMG engineers are acquainted with those practices having multidisciplinary competences offered by its training with associated suppliers and act together with multiple local companies, supporting product development in many markets.

Having insight the importance of core business focus in accordance with contemporary managing, suppliers of diversified markets are relying on HTMG’s international business management experience and its involvement with components and technology materials company leaders on the decision of which items are convenient to insource and which to outsource.

  • Associated risk and opportunities identification, from both alternatives (financial, human, organizational, technological, among others);
  • Production cost comparison between own production and transnational buy cost;
  • Total Cost of Ownership definition, including conception cost, quality, maintenance, freight, environmental among others;
  • Return on Net Assets strategically analyzes of the items in question.
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