Raw Materials for PCB Industry

The rapid increase of applications and functionality in digital circuit, added to the continued miniaturization of electronic equipment requires increasingly dense and component-overloaded PCIs with reduced track and spacing in a growing number of multilayers, operating with constantly rising temperatures. If these trends were not enough with multiple implications for design, selection of suitable materials and process adjustment, we have to consider the succession of new environmental standards such as RoHS, REACH, Lead-Free and Halogen-Free, and several aspects that aim to minimize the environmental impacts of the electronics industry, making the management of technology, engineering, production and competitiveness increasingly complex.

HTMG is the leading materials supplier and specialized partner of the largest and most qualified printed circuit manufacturers in Latin America, companies that are committed to overcome the challenges of a global and ever-evolving world, by continually empowering our team with the technical, logistical and technological complexities and responsiveness to the specific regional needs.

Our product line features low Thermal Expansion Coefficient on Z-axis (thickness), withstanding higher temperatures without decomposition (> Tg), preventing delamination and blisters and avoiding electrical failures in the metallized holes and showing less tendency to warp. During the process of assembling the boards, which are subjected to high temperatures in the Reflow, it is highly recommended to use Lead-Free or High Tg laminates, as well as for high temperature operating PCIs.



Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing Materials
Copper Clad Laminate FR4-S1000H Tg 150ºC – “Lead-Free” and Low Loss Laminates 1,6mm – 1/1, H/H, 1/0 e 2/2
0,8mm – 1/1 e H/H
Others constructions available upon request
Prepreg  FR4-S1000 Tg 155o C – “Lead-Free” and Prepreg Low Loss 7628, 1080, 2116 e 2313
Others constructions available upon request
Folhas de Cobre ED HTE para Circuitos Multicamadas 1/2oz, 1oz e 2oz
Others thickness available upon request
Auxiliary Drilling Material Aluminum Sheet 0,20mm and Wood Backup Material from 1,6mm up to 3,70mm



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