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In a world full of electronic devices and digital solutions, human machine interfaces (HMI) define the efficiency with which equipment is used on its functionality, the satisfaction of the users and the visual aesthetics of products.

High Technology and Material Group (HTMG) in partnership with its suppliers develop integrated solutions for custom TFT LCD modules, meeting the most demanding technical requirements, including:

  • Panel size;
  • Panel grade (Consumer, Industrial, Automotive);
  • Resolution;
  • Brightness;
  • Interface;
  • Viewing angle;
  • Touch panel sensor;
  • Cover glass protectors.

The latest generations of displays offer increasingly sophisticated and effective solutions and are commonly applied to the following sectors: automotive, industrial automation, medical-hospital, physiotherapy and aesthetics, white goods (home appliances), Internet of Things (IoT), energy, communication and information technologies (ICT), among others.

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