Beryllium and Tough Met Copper Alloys

HTMG represents Materion, a leading manufacturer of high-performance alloys for a wide range of markets. With over 300 special alloys, the company supplies materials for current and new technologies in critical applications that require corrosion resistance and high temperature working in addition to anti-galling properties.

It  also manufactures special alloys that meet the most rigorous physical and mechanical requirements.

Some examples:

  • Beryllium Copper Alloys – These materials offer a wide range of mechanical and physical requirements, present in extreme environment applications.
  • Toughmet® Copper Nickel Tin Alloys – Alloys designed to extend material’s life and reduce maintenance cycles.

These materials enable new product developments for markets with critical applications such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, telecommunications and oil and gas. Some examples of alloys below:

  • Oil & Gas Alloys – ToughMet Sucker Rod Couplings, ToughMet 3AT, ToughMet 3TS, ToughMet 3CX, Alloy 25, Alloy 3 and Alloy 360
  • Heavy Equipment Alloys – ToughMet 3CX
  • Alloys for Electronic Equipment – Allch for VCM springs & OIS systems, BF 158 stripand Brush® 60 alloy
  • Automotive Alloys – AMC 4632, Alloy 3, Alloy 10X, Alloy 25, Alloy 174, Alloy 190/290, PerforMet ™, ToughMet 3AT
  • Plastic Mold Alloys – MoldMAX HH ®, MoldMAX LH ®, MoldMAX V ®, MoldMAX XL ® and ProTherm®.

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