Support for Development Engineering

“…Sharing technical competences at the beginning of the project to maximize results for customer and supplier…”

  • Development and time to market reduction;
  • Project’s simplification;
  • Suggestions for alternative materials and components or substitution of those;
  • Design to Cost & Target Costing Methodology
  • Diagnosis and opinion for project’s related enhancement;
  • Ideas for enhance production efficiency.

Those above are some of the many reasons why companies all around the world are counting with active participation of our key suppliers in product’s concept or enhancement, known as ‘Early Supplier Involvement’, with co-design, co-development, sequential development, simultaneous engineering and co-making strategies, to obtain total development improvement, cost reduction, productivity increase and ready market’s response.

HTMG engineers are acquainted with those practices having multidisciplinary competences offered by its training with associated suppliers and act together with multiple local companies, supporting product development in many markets.