Industrial Marketing

“…It is needed that customer and supplier better know its immediate needs and technical capacities…”

In a high performance industry, the ever growing complexity with several variables and technological options, alternative suppliers and components, potential users, permanent changes and diversity in roles inside the supplying chain, with many influential and decision makers in the process, make a lot of times unknown, invisible or inaccessible the best technical solutions already available in the market.

It is fit to HTMG to promote the needed two-way dialogue, offering solutions users and providers access to objective intel that brings the better selection. In this context that the Industrial Marketing offer relevant contribution, being through qualified professional contact, technical interchanging event promotion, or electronic mechanisms:

  • Powerful database having all main technical contacts from the many companies in the HTMG’s network in Aerospace, Automotive, Automation, Energy, Medical, Military and Security Equipment, Telecom and O&G Markets;
  • PCTS (Promotional Communication Towards Suppliers), potential suppliers are advised of new developments or product evolving in determined markets, inviting then to be part of new technological solutions, event promotion or attendance (technical meetings, workshops, seminars, fairs), simultaneous engineering project involvement and prompt help to local developments;
  • GETB (HTMG Technical Review) technical interactive intel to a specific interest addressed to engineers and specialists of correlates markets, allowing connectivity and ample access to the vast complementary database about the proposed themes.