Full Compliance with Technical Standards

“…It is important to be up to date about Technical Standards in force, cannot waste time with nonconformities and lack of knowledge…”

In search of Total Quality Management, of standardizing, efficiency and environment preservation, the world industry is surrounding itself in innumerous standard procedures, certifications and norms, of worldwide comprehension or local and specific boundaries.

ISO-9000, ISO-14000, TS-16.949, ASTM, NACE, IPC, MIL SPEC, MAS, NEMA, ASME, PPAP, ANVISA, RoHS among many others abbreviations are common in companies’ nowadays routines, requiring full understanding of involved parts, as to ensure stable processes and avoid time loss with nonconformities.

HTMG has a quality area, responsible for coordinate needs, expectative and capacitation of associated customers and suppliers, aiding in development and qualification, as well as overseeing the supplying, always in accordance with morns and standards requested or agreed between parts.