Corporative and Professional Alignment

“…It is needed a better costumer-supplier communication and coordination…”

As English became standard as communication tool in international transactions, the cultural aspects from many nations and the corporative management models represent challenges for communication, administration and success in companies’ transactions and transnational operations. Having that in mind and through the last years HTMG has been investing in capacitation and constant professional training. We focus on those trainings on, not only in employee operational capacitation, as also on employee’s understanding of the specific needs of its customers and its impacts on corporative complex structures, for recognizing and living with particularities of multiple nationalities in which operates, as also considering the managing priorities from involved corporations.

HTMG uses a scientific approach for cultural and corporative compatibility, through right event interpretation, involved parts orientation and communication channel translation, maximizing commercial and technical results, diminishing in this way the quality and relationship occurrences.